"Me miserable! which way shall I flie
Infinite wrauth, and infinite despaire?
Which way I flie is Hell; my self am Hell"

John Milton, 'Paradise Lost'

Where I was born and in some other cities of Northern Italy, we still celebrate an ancient pagan festival connected to the rural culture called Giöbia or Giubiana.
On the last Thursday of January a dummy of an old witch, metaphor of the past year, is burned as a propitiatory rite for the new year.

Shooting these photographs I could not help but abandon myself to some high school memories related to Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, tales by Poe and Lovecraft but also to horror filmography.

Feeling the strong heat of the fire on my face and my hands and the mud under my boots, the mind wandered and some fantasies, inevitably linked to hell, took shape. What you can see now, and also a short story I wrote(unpublished right now), is the synthesis of my fancies, the result of my imagination and an editing that lasted three years (2015-2018).

In the first version “Hell” was only accompanied by the quote of John Milton but the construction of the story was similar. In fact, the idea of a journey, that ended with the exit from hell, was already present. In the current version, the end is definitely different...





90cm x 60cm, Edition 3
59,4cm x 42cm, Edition 10
42cm x 29,7cm, Edition 10 + 1 artist’s proof

Innova Exhibition Cotton Gloss, 335gsm *


* in case of unavailability, paper can be replaced with one of similar characteristics.