Urban Animals


When I was a child I used to escape boredom looking at the buildings out of my window so that I could reshape them, through my imagination, in a colourful, magical and enchanting world made of animals that I could recognize on the fa├žades of the nearest blocks.
It was one of my favourite distractions and today, from time to time, I recall it to my memory with a sense of joy and happiness.
That is why I tried to translate it into photography and decided to share it with the other people. It is not relevant that you capture the same beasts that I saw.
Just let your imagination work by itself.

This is Urban Animals: a wonderful fantasy game.


Something like... a taurus
Something like... an eel
Something like... a penguin
Something like... a wasp
Something like... a crab
Something like... a bat
Something like... a clownfish
Something like... a shark
Something like... a hippopotamus
Something like... a spider



59x42cm, 100% cotton HANDMADE paper with deckled edge by Sandro Tiberi.
Printed at Roberto Caielli Fine Art LAB. Series: 7.